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  1. lokomotiva

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    hallo my name is lokomotiva this is my layout my collections of model ho is dedicate to locomotive and coach handmade of
    slovenian,croatian and another balkans state
    the video

    My plastic modular description-
    the current size is 3x3 meters with a structure of 6 moduli.ha received a revamp last year
    , leaving only the part of the original station had old layout ''museum''il more 'than twenty 'new year are the two passers-side B-side entrance and exit station, the last and' under construction at this time-
    Armament and 'hoarse switches with self-built parts visibili.solo hoarse about whether old-line
    represents a secondary station with four tracks and a small goods yard, depot turntable steam and calls for the coal mine-
    the line and 'single-track line until deflected
    towards Dalmatia and the sea with only diesel line ends station in the fantasy-shoveled
    the other line leads to the Croatian border station sapjane made ​​between the real and unreal, where changes can be done at 3000V traction 25/50kv-
    buildings and works of art are self-made and commercial management and and 'fully analog
    setting is the 'line from the Trieste Karst in the woods that go to ljubljana Jesenice former border with Austria and the coast Dalmatian ........
    my website slovenian croatian models
    Lukova stran o vlakih; la pagina ferroviaria di Luca
    bye lokomotiva
    Atlanta, lok527596 und Kesselwagen gefällt das.
  2. Atlanta

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    Moin Lokomotiva,

    nice model railroad layout do have created for yourself, ery interesting modes we could see in your small video.
    very interesting are the russian heavy steam freight train locomotive ahead the russian coach car? The Metro train in red beige was very nice, too and remembers in it's desighn of russian built metropolitan underground railway cars. East European States are often used US American Diesel Engines to their national state railways.

    A nice model train layout with lot of interesting models onto it, thanks for viewing it and have fun to discuss here at his Forum,you are welcomed here to our community.:)

    Very nice your city transport museum with the old Tram and the electric Trolley O-Bus (O-Bus a german definition of Overhead wire trolley bus, shortened named as O-Bus), from Oldtimers to the modern city transports, well a very nice idea of an arrangement.

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