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  1. Fedor

    Fedor Neues Mitglied

    Hi, sorry for writing in English. I am dutch and though I can read and speak German up to some level, I can hardly make myself understood in writing. So this post will be in English instead.

    I have a question about the forum rules: as I read it is not permitted to post information about products or links to websites.

    However, I do have something that might be interesting to a lot of the members here - but it also is a product and a website. Not very commercial, it's mainly a free service, but still on some forums it is considered advertising anyway.

    To respect the forum rules is my first priority, so my question is: Is there some place on this forum where I am allowed to share this?
  2. lok527596

    lok527596 Vollbluteisenbahner Mitarbeiter

    write me PN with link. I check the side and give you answer.

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